Collection: Dražen Tetec

Drazen Tetec (source: Facebook)Dražen Tetec (born Jan 24th 1972, Koprivnica)

Tetec begun to paint in 1991. After the first group exhibition in 1992 in the Gallery Hlebine, he started to cooperate with Josip Generalic who teaches him how to reach his own and unique expression on the glass. As a talented painter, Tetec so far exhibited in dozens of common and many solo exhibitions.

Tetec is a member of the “Society of Croatian Naive Artists”, “Association of Naive painters and sculptors Hlebine” and the art section “Podravka 72.”
He lives and works in Hlebine.

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Offered artworks are from private, Generalic family collection, first hand, no galleries involved, direct sale, available immediately.
Some paintings are without frame.

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