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Water-coloured serigraphy
Each serigraphy (silkscreen or screen-print) was printed in black and white (drawing only) and then manually water-coloured by the author.
It is thus unique because it was coloured by hand. They may be very similar, but never the same. This is not serigraphy printed in full colour and numbered.

Serigraphy in colour
Each serigraphy (silkscreen or screen-print) was printed in colour.
The print run for each was about 100-300.

Each work is signed with title, technique, year and/or number. First size (see description) is the paper, second size is the actual drawing/print size on the paper.

Sold unframed.

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Q: When you say “manually coloured by the author”, are you referring to the artist – Josip Generalic or someone else?
A: Yes, if Josip Generalic made the drawing than he water-coloured the serigraphy afterwards. That’s the case with all “water-coloured” etchings and serigraphies we have for sale. They may be similar (same drawing or similar colours) but they simply can’t be exactly the same because they were coloured by brush ie. by hand.

Q: What is “E. d’A” instead of numbering?
A: E.d’A or Épreuve d’artiste is the French word version for artist proof. Usually an artist receives/keeps 10-15% out of an edition for his own use. These impressions are called artist’s proofs (AP, A.P., épreuve d’artiste) and are in addition to the numbered edition.