Need help?

We are receiving a lot of forgeries by e-mail from people who own an artwork made by Ivan or Josip Generalic and would like to check it or had been offered a suspicious artwork.
If you are being offered a possible forgery, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Also, by sending a clear, focused, large photo of the artwork you own, made by Ivan or Josip Generalic, you are helping us to build up our database and help other people.
How can this help?
When someone wants to check if his artwork is genuine, among other methods, we consult our photo database to determine if it’s genuine or a forgery. We receive a lot of questions because there are a lot of forgeries on the market. Your information (name, e-mail, location) will never be published nor publicly associated with the artwork.

Useful links:

* Republic of Croatia Ministry of the Interior (see links for World Police Departments)
* European Police Office – Europol


How to send a photo?

– send us an e-mail with attached photographs of the painting(s) in .JPG format or paste links to them
– include quality photo of the artwork, the bigger the better
– include closeup photo of the signature and several details
– include photo of the back of the painting
– include description about art’s general condition, dimensions, technique, year

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