Serigraphs in colour

Q: What is serigraphy in colour?
A: Each serigraphy (silkscreen or screen-print) was printed in colour and numbered.

Q: What is “E. d’A” instead of numbering?
A: E.d’A or Épreuve d’artiste is the French word version for artist proof. Usually an artist receives/keeps 10-15% out of an edition for his own use. These impressions are called artist’s proofs (AP, A.P., épreuve d’artiste) and are in addition to the numbered edition.

Q: I’ve bought one serigraphy, but you are again having it in sale.
A: Some serigraphies we have only a few left, while of some we might have around twenty on stock. When certain serigraphy is sold out, it’s image is removed.

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