F.A.Q. for buyers

Worldwide by airmail with tracking number.
– The biggest artworks (capital masterpieces) on glass require special treatment, insurance and delivery by professional company.
– Medium and small paintings on glass are packed in a wooden box.
– Artwork on paper is airmailed rolled in a plastic tube.
We may refuse to sell and send more valuable artworks to countries which don’t support receiving packages with stated value.

PayPal for most artworks.

Packing and shipping cost for art on paper
Europe: 20 eur flat rate
Overseas (USA): 40 eur flat rate
Free shipping for orders over 500 eur

Export permits
Export permits for shipping more valuable artworks are required from Croatian Ministry of Culture. Free for buyers, but delays the delivery. The permit is mandatory for us for oil on glass works, sketches and drawings.
For personal pickup this is not needed, the artwork is available immediately.

How to buy?
Please send an email with number and title of an artwork/item you are interested in (just copy/paste everything below the image) and we’ll reply as soon as possible. There’s no automated sale nor virtual shopping cart. You’ll be in direct contact with a member of Generalic family, Goran, son of Josip and grandson of Ivan Generalic.

Where’s the price?
The price, dimensions, technique etc. is usually below the image when enlarged (click on thumbnail). Some prices are on request by email only.

There are two measurements in some artwork’s description. Why?
Appearing for art on paper. First is a total paper size, the second is the size of actual drawing/etching plate/silkscreen on that paper. Used to raise the fairness of the offer, so the buyer knows exactly what he/she is buying and how much blank, white paper is around the actual artwork.

You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity for purchased artworks made by Ivan and Josip Generalic, like oil on glass and drawings.
CoA for silkscreen artworks, etchings and similar is upon your request only.

The condition of paper artworks
Please have in mind that age is visible on some artworks on paper, mostly sketches. There may be folding on the edges due to handling during past decades.
Each artwork has been handled and stored in the best way possible in my family.

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“Please note that all works for sale are first hand from my own, private collection.”
– Goran Generalic

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F.A.Q. for visitors

Q: I want to sell an artwork I own!
A: We are not interested in buying artworks nor have a “list of buyers”. Please consult the nearest art dealer in your city.

Q: I have a painting made by Generalic. How much is it worth?
A: I do not evaluate artworks. Please browse hereby offered artworks and their respective prices to have a rough idea about how much something made by Generalic could be worth and bought for. Mind that artwork’s value and its market price are two different things.

F.A.Q. about Croatian Naive Art

Q: Where can I get more info about recognized Croatian Naive Art painters?
A: Please visit Croatian Museum of Naive Art .

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