Welcome to the biggest photo album of Ivan and Josip Generalic, with a selection of more than 550 images.

  • Accuracy Only a few photos have exact day they were taken. Most are year or season accurate. Some are put on timeline after comparing the clothes, hairstyle and many other details to determine the time and place, so mistakes are possible.
  • Credits Most photographs were taken by members of Generalic family. Other known photographers are credited in description. If you are the author of one or more hereby presented photographs, please contact us.
  • People If you see a photograph and you are on it or know a person on the shot, please let us know and we’ll add it to the description, as well as correct the time and place where it was taken.


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  • Family Generalic

Family Generalic photographs, 1933 - 1939

Family Generalic photographs, 1940 - 1949

Family Generalic photographs, 1950 - 1959

Family Generalic photographs, 1960 - 1969

Family Generalic photographs, 1970 - 1979

Family Generalic photographs, 1980 - 1989

Family Generalic photographs, 1990 - 1992

Family Generalic photographs, 2000 - 2004

A selection of famous and well-known people who visited family Generalic

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Mostly on photographs:

Tereza Generalic (Ivan’s mother)
Anka Generalic (Ivan’s wife) – Ivan Generalic – Mato Generalic (Ivan’s brother)
Josip Generalic (Ivan’s son) – Mirjana Generalic (Josip’s wife)
Goran Generalic (Ivan’s grandson)

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Scanned & edited by Goran Generalic, Aug 2017

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Ivan Generalic, Anka, Mirjana, Goran and Josip

Ivan Generalic, Anka, Mirjana, Goran and Josip